It’s been a while since I wrote about Sitecore, React and embedded JS Engine. Also, my presentation on Philadelphia SUG last year was mainly theoretical. So the last few days I’ve spent cleaning up my sources that I’ve been using for those posts.

It looks like that this time to open sources.



In the repo, I’ve put sources, samples, and some docs that I will update and enrich going forward.


The project is also available for installation via The module doesn’t require any Sitecore items to be installed in addition to this package.


I’ve mentioned in previous posts that you do not need to have ReactJS.NET in your solution to be able to render code on a server-side. Especially when you using WebPack.

As a side effect of removing this dependency, I found out that it is possible to use pretty much any JS templating engine with this module. If you follow a contract, that is used by .NET code.

A sample code in the repo contains an example of the Lodash component. While it is not so cool as React :) but it is still could be used for the same simple cases that require only server-side rendering.

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